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LPS MEDI-CAR is not vehicle insurance but an opportunity to keep up the maintenance of your vehicle.

A vehicle repair fund without having to put up with all the *red tape and extra costs*

Insurance companies play the part of the “middle man”, why pay extra when you can go direct. Insurance premiums are just you paying extra for an unnecessary service, all insurance companies are doing is to “pay your bill with your money”.. which you could do all by yourself without having to be exposed to extreme hikes or losses. Your money will once again be in your hands making your choices on how much you want to spend.

Insurance companies all take a large portion of your money to cover their costs whilst they force you to pay excess, so that they gain and you lose thousands of Rands , why should you pay excess whilst they are holding hostage a portion of your premiums? That portion they keep, and you must pay for them to keep it, all the time you are made to believe that you’re getting a good deal and that you are been taken care of.

LPS MEDI-CAR gives you more for less, no quotes to say how much you must pay,
you choose a cover that suits your needs and affordability. *NO MIDDLE MAN*
A Red and Maroon Custom Car at the Sayville Fair
A Red and Maroon Custom Car at the Sayville Fair
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